Portable Grandstand Rentals

Portable Grandstand Rentals have 35 years of experience providing grandstand seating rentals at events across Ontario.

From agricultural fairs to sporting events, the "Orange Bleachers" team at Portable Grandstand Rentals strive to anticipate and exceed the event seating needs of our valued customers.

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Rental Information

Our Location

Portable Grandstand Rentals storage facility is located at the east end of the Greater Toronto Area in Bowmanville, Ontario, in the Region of Durham near Lake Ontario.

We are located close to Highway 401, facilitating our transport to your events across Ontario. At this time, we provide portable grandstand rentals to events across the province of Ontario.

Our Orange Bleachers have served customers across Ontario at various types of events and we are always willing to rent our Orange Bleachers at other types of events!
  • Agricultural Fairs
  • Church Services
  • Concerts
  • Horse Shows
  • Lectures
  • Motorsports
  • Photoshoots
  • Sporting Events


Each of our bleachers are 60 feet (18.29 metres) long, 17.5 feet (5.33 metres) deep, and 13.5 feet (4.11 meters) high at the top of the backboards.

Maximum seating capacity of our bleachers is approximately 300 people – based upon an average allowance of 18 inches (45. 72 centimetres) per person.

For outdoor events, a 20 foot (6.1 metres) clearance is required for the bleacher installation process. Please consider overhead wires, tree branches and street lights for your outdoor event locations.

For indoor events, a standard 14 foot door is required for building access and a 20 foot (6.1 metres) free-span clearance is required for the bleacher installation process.

Bleacher Attributes

Each bleacher is designed with multiple adjustment points to address different ground variances.

Our bleachers have a steel structure with wood plank bench seats.

The first row of spectator seating is approximately 28” from the ground for comfortable viewing and maximum usage of seats.

Our bleachers are equipped with uniform handrails and multiple stairways for efficient and easy entry and exit.

Portable Grandstand Rentals provides a simple 3-part pricing model

Part 1 - Rental rate per bleacher per day

Day 1
$450 / bleacher
Day 2
$325 / bleacher
Day 3
$275 / bleacher

Part 2 - Bleacher Transport

$7 / kilometre calculated only once per bleacher – 1-way from our storage facility to your event venue.

Please note: minimum charge applies (please contact for details)

Part 3 - Taxes

HST added to the total of Part 1 and Part 2


Pricing Example

Example: Cost for Renting 3 Orange Bleachers for a 3-day event in Brampton (approx 100 km 1-way)

Part 1) Rental rate per bleacher per day

Day 1: $450 / bleacher x 3 bleachers = $1350
Day 2: $325 / bleacher x 3 bleachers = $975
Day 3: $275 / bleacher x 3 bleachers = $825

Total Part 1: $1350 + $975 + $825 = $3150

Part 2) Bleacher Transport:

Total Part 2: $7 / kilometre x 100 kilometres (1 way) x 3 bleachers = $2100

Part 3) Taxes:

Total Part 3: Part 1 ($3150) + Part 2 ($2100) = $5250 x 13% HST = $682.50

TOTAL COST: Part 1 ($3150) + Part 2 ($2100) + Part 3 ($682.50) = $5932.50

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